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daniel wellington wholesale includesWhen you make an order for Daniel Wellington wholesale watches, you’ll find that these timepieces have a very reasonable pricing. Keep in mind and most models retail for about $150, depending on the location.

If you are a social media lover and you are following fashion bloggers, chances are you have already seen how these Daniel Wellington watches have become famous; this guarantees a recognition in a designer watches retail market. All our offered watches are fully intact with an original presentation box, authenticity tags, instructions, and warranty booklets. As you know, the relationship between wholesaler and retailer is very important as their success is mutually connected. Therefore, we offer progressive discounts.

Our B2B strategy; Daniel Wellington wholesale discounts:

  • Orders for USD 2200+ grants extra 12% discount
  • Orders for USD 4500+ grants extra 25% discount
  • Orders for USD 9000+ grants extra 30% discount

We have a large wholesale stock of Daniel Wellington watches. Therefore, Daniel Wellington wholesale prices remain very competitive, so our clients can compete with other retailers that offer these brand watches.

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Daniel Wellington offers a line of watches that offer simple elegance and tasteful design at a very attractive price point. These timepieces are made for non-sports use. Their build quality is very good and stylish.  Cases are made of stainless steel and a face is protected by a hard mineral crystal.  Bands are made of nylon or genuine leather. These multicolored nylon bands are called NATO straps. Water resistance is modest; most models are rated at about 3 bars of water resistance. The movements used in these watches are all quartz electronic. Movements are from Japan, and the benefits of a quartz movement are both reliability and accuracy.

These timepieces are designed for daily wear and have limited features aside from telling you the time.  As the company is targeting a relatively affordable price point, they’re going to leave the latest technological developments to other brands.

This brand is also great because there is an option to change a strap, so you have an option to apply this fashion piece to different clothing. Click here to see a video that shows how to change the strap on a Daniel Wellington watch.

You will find Daniel Wellington watches for sale at many retail locations, mostly online.  While you’re unlikely to find them at high-end jewelry stores, you can see them at many better department stores.  Many online stores that specialize in wrist watches will also have a selection of Daniel Wellington brand timepieces.  Keep in mind that not all retailers are likely to carry the entire stock of these designer watches at any given time, as the product line is a bit large.  Most retailers should have a good representative selection.


Daniel Wellington brand was founded by Filip Tysander in 2006 after meeting with an enthusiastic individual. This individual happens to be a British fellow who was known for an “unpretentious” style. During that time, he had an old but loved vintage NATO strap. The name of this fellow was Daniel Wellington.

The first notable watch manufactured under the DW brand became known in 2009. This inspired Filip to commence the process of creating his own little line of finished watches with a classic design. Most of these watches feature an interchangeable strap which provides them with an extra layer of appeal to many individuals.

Since Daniel Wellington is relatively a new brand, there isn’t much to say about its history and leading products. However, the products of DW are extremely classy and will spice up your appearance everywhere you go.

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Definitely, you may become confused when reading the plethora of DW reviews online. Since this is a fashion brand, different people will surely have diverse opinion on this brand. Precisely, comparing DW watches with other high-end brands, such as Rolex would simply be inaccurate and unfair.

Daniel Wellington watches focuses on practical timepiece ahead of illusionary features. This is also the reason why our Daniel Wellington wholesale stock has the most competitive prices form all of our wholesale watches. The brand focuses on offering a subtle level of elegance. It is a great way to enjoy your personal life without necessarily yelling at the whole world that you have purchased a ridiculously expensive watch.

DW watches are quite thin and almost weightless. With the NATO strip, you can barely know that you are wearing a watch on the hand. Nevertheless, this is a great brand watch that will suit your customers’ needs.

Purchasing Daniel Wellington wholesale watches from TicDistribution

Daniel Wellington watches wear a crisp design that blends perfectly with a NATO strap or leather strap. This makes it look appealing to a wide range of audience. Recognition in the retail market is very good. Blogs are full of these ancient looking timepieces.

The type of design employed in DW watches is simple and precise. This ensures that you get the basic functions you need while eliminating the ones you may not want which usually cost you extra in other brands.

As our discount system offers profitable Daniel Wellington wholesale deals, you (retailer) can be sure that cooperation with us will help you to successfully compete in the brand watch retail market.