Wholesale Brand Watches

Wholesale Brand watches

Our company offers wholesale brand watches only for the most popular and top-selling fashion brands. Sure, these brand watches are sold in a more competitive market side, but it is guaranteed that you will get 100% of your money’s worth because of their brand name demand on the retail market. We are trying to develop successful B2B cooperation worldwide because of the growing demand for a designer watches every year.

Our Hong Kong stock includes timepieces from these designers brands:

Build quality – Our wholesale brand watches stock only include timepieces that are very well built. Only quality materials are used. Most common materials are – stainless steel, leather, ceramic, mineral crystals, mineral crystalline alloys and more. These watches are water resistant, bars vary to a brand and model.

Movements – Most popular movements are quartz – electronic with battery. There are also mechanical and semi-automatic movements. Watches can be built with Swiss made and Japanese made movements but assembled in Hong Kong.

Innovation – These brand watch companies tend to develop some new features also, but they are they primarily style-oriented manufacturers who sometimes come up with technology on their own.

Features and Styling – These brands offer different models with different features – analog display, digital display. Leather bands, nylon, and stainless steel bracelets. Many colors. Sports models, models suitable for business wear and many different occasions.

Pricing – We offer competitive pricing with progressive extra discounts for larger value orders.

All our wholesale brand watches are fully intact with original packaging and authenticity tags.

We will always try to update our stock list and have the latest models. From time to time we provide a stock clearance deals at special prices.

To review our current stock models, please create an account and visit our Shop page. For more information feel free to contact us.

Here’s a video that tells a little more about Hong Kong’s watch market. It should be noted that this video only reflects high-end branded luxury watches that are a bit off our market field. We are specializing in more affordable brand watches as listed above.