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If you are looking for the best Fossil watches wholesale distributor, then is your answer. As a supplier, we work with many retailers around the globe and we have a very rich experience with wholesale brand watches. Wholesale fossil watches are an important part of our catalog. These timepieces have proven quality and should be a part of the stock for every brand watch seller. They are perfect if you are looking for a profitable addition to your wristwatch business.

Many entrepreneurs who specialize in the fashion sector know how important a recognizable brand is. We are happy that we have a chance to offer many popular brand watches, including Fossil.

The minimum order quantity is 10 items. Sample orders are possible – the first order MOQ is 1 item. Additionally, we provide a 15% discount for a sample order.

As you know, the relationship between wholesaler and client is very important as our success is mutually connected. Therefore, we offer progressive wholesale discounts for regular and outlet models. Our Fossil watches wholesale prices remain very competitive, so our clients can successfully compete in the retail market.

Our B2B Fossil wholesale watches discounts strategy:

  • Orders for EUR 1 800+ grants an extra 20% discount
  • Orders for EUR 3 700+ grants an extra 25% discount
  • Orders for EUR 7 500+ grants an extra 30% discount
  • Orders for EUR 16 000+: Contact Us

All our offered watches are fully intact with an original presentation box, authenticity tags, instructions, and warranty booklets. All watches are authentic. Feel free to make a sample order and bring items to the official brand representative for expertise.

Fossil Watches Wholesale

Wholesale Fossil Watches description

Build quality

Our Fossil watches wholesale catalog consists of more than 150 different models. You can find watches with stainless steel bracelets, leather straps, and even ones that are made of ceramic. Good quality of craftsmanship is instantly noticeable like in other top brand watches, as this is a top priority for keeping their good name alive.

Fossil mainly uses electronic quartz movements that run with a battery. These movements are very reliable and popular, so almost every watch company uses them. Battery replacement is necessary approximately once every two years.

Cases are made of stainless steel and are very durable. The watch face is covered with a hard and clear mineral crystal. Water resistance is about 5-10 bars (50-100 meters) depending on the model.


Many Fossil watches have chronograph and calendar functions. There are also models with subdials that indicate 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours.

Another thing that can raise interest is the visibility of the watch mechanism. Fossil has kept this factor in mind, so you will find models that have uncovered middle parts of watch faces (example – ME3082, ME3053, ME3100). This feature shows how complicated can be these fashion accessories.


Fossil watches can be attractive to everyone. These watches fill men’s and women’s categories with different styles, materials, and features.

The style of these watches is more classic than anything else. Of course, designers have kept modern tendencies in mind, so youth can enjoy these fashion accessories as well. There are models with bright colors and you can easily find one that will stand out and be the perfect fit both for men and women.

There are models that offer both – Roman and Arabic numerals.

History of Fossil watches

Fossil Group is the owner of the most popular brand names in the world. Their collection is full of watches, sunglasses, leather products and other merchandise for the global retail market.

The main growth factor for Fossil was the fashionable designs of their watches. These designer watches gave them great success in the United States and the company entered global markets and made a couple of new product lines.

Fossil was founded in 1984. Business efforts were taken by Tom Kartsotis, who was a Texas A&M dropout and living in Dallas. In his early twenties, he worked together with his partner and enjoyed success in the ticket brokerage business. They were dealing tickets to different events.

Kosta Kartsotis was Tom Kartsotis older brother. He was a merchandising executive at a large department store chain – Sanger Harris. Kosta shared information about how profitable can imported retail goods be. There was good money to be made by importing mid-price fashion watches. Tom Kartsotis was fascinated by Kostas comments. He managed to obtain $200,000 and flew to Hong Kong. He did find a watch manufacturer and soon he began to import these fashion accessories to the United States where he sold the watches to boutiques and department stores.

When Kartsotis was interviewed by Forbes he said: “I didn’t want to be a 30-year-old ticket scalper,” after founding the opportunity that would grant him wealth and fame.

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