‘’We were small size company selling online different type of goods. 2 years ago, we bought on trail basis some of Tic offered items.  We started with smaller orders 500-1000 USD but on quite short time business grown. Our company did test items on the official expertise to makes sure that they are authentic. At this time here are a lot of fakes around and this can absolutely destroy business. After confirming authenticity, we started to order more. In the beginning we ordered few brands only but Tic have added many new brands which helped increase sales. At this time, we are making at least one order a week and this helps a lot with our cash flow. Also, the shipping logistics are very good and delivery is smooth. Business has grown from small online store to quite large business. We do have professional 8 people team and, for sure, most of this would not happen without Tic team and support during this period. Overall, we are very happy and, in the future, we hope to add more brands to our stock‘’.

Tomas, USA


‘’TicDistribution has helped my business grow exponentially. There is always clear communication, and even better, all products so far were in perfect condition and complete in box. With other suppliers, there is sometimes an incomplete product, or a broken product. The quality control is really good, and let’s not forget the low prices – lower than any other business partner‘’.

Tico, Netherlands


‘’Excellent product, quick delivery‘’.

Jerry, Malaysia


‘’The main point is – Compared to other suppliers, stands out with a comparatively more trusted system and workmanship‘’.

Artur, Latvia


’Great business partner. Prices are great and service is very good‘’.

Tim, USA


‘’Tic Distribution’s small MOQ allowed me to start a business with less $2,000 last year in January 2018 and it has grown to a business generating more than $100,000 in revenue in 2018! Their quick delivery allowed me to avoid holding stocks and do a pre order model, which reduces risk of holding stock‘’.

Joash, Singapore


‘’Good customer service‘’.

Gil, Israel


‘’Business Growing business with Ticdistribution- competitive prices‘’.

Ahlam, United Arab Emirates


‘’The communication has been great‘’.

Viktor, Netherlands


‘’Great communication and supply‘’.

George, Russia

‘’Thanks to working with you, our company is developing from month to month. For us the greatest part of TicDistribution is your professional team. Your responses for our quires are fast and substantive. Thank you for solving all the previous matters. Your support is extremely important for companies like us. The possibilities of a face to face meetings with the representatives of the company is a great opportunity to strengthen our relationships and meet people with whom we have same goals. The logistics of Tic Distribution seems to be organized duly. Quick informing about the status of orders, providing all necessary information and easy way to make a transfer without any risk. Another very important issue is the transparent website with the possibility of quick order picking. A big plus is the photos of watches on the site. We can also quote an important fact which is supporting us with any part of the watch we need’’.

Lucas, Poland


‘’Great cooperation- business development, communication etc. The newsletter they send is great. This way I always am updated about new watches and new brands without wasting time googling to find information‘’.

Lior, Israel


‘’Business is increasing, prices are great’’.

Anup, Spain


‘’Our best business partner! Our company has grown tremendously with Ticdistribiution. We will be crossing seven figures mark this year‘’.

Andrew, Germany


‘’Competitive prices and wide offering‘’.

Wouter, Netherlands


‘’Well, I started my company as a online store after working on a shoes store… as a dependent, so being so new in the business I went to bankrupt in a few months…. then I had to sell all the stock I had in order to pay bills, after all remained for me 500€ after paying everything… well with the 500€ I purchased watches… to sell on second handed App, in a week I sold the 3-4 watches I bought, I re invest everything on more watches, after being working with you now one year later I place plus 6.000 USD every two months on you, but in total I spend 10.000 USD per month on watches‘’.

Carlos, Spain


‘’It’s very good to cooperate with this company, we are from Poland, and thanks of you we can develop our business‘’.

Damian, Poland


‘’There is trust involved when it comes to manufacturing defects. Replacement items are sent with the next incoming package (as I order 2-3 times a week)‘’.

Joash, Singapore


‘’Good prices and nice support‘’.

Izum, Japan

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