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The greatest value of what designer watches can bring is its brand recognition in the market. One of the best examples is Guess watches. TicDistribution.com is the #1 platform for Guess watches wholesale solutions. This platform will give you access to wholesale designer watches market. Seize an opportunity to grow your retail business in new heights.

Guess watches today are considered to be front line members of designer watches market. These watches are recognized and worn among famous and less famous people around the world.

Our B2B strategy; Guess watches wholesale discounts:

  • Orders for USD 2 200+ grants an extra 12% discount
  • Orders for USD 4 500+ grants an extra 25% discount
  • Orders for USD 9 000+ grants an extra 28% discount
  • Orders for USD 20 000+ grants an extra 30% discount

Our main warehouse is located in Hong Kong, but we do have an office in Europe.

All our offered watches are fully intact with an original presentation box, authenticity tags, instructions, and warranty booklets.

wholesale Guess watches

We have a large wholesale stock of designer watches – this is the main reason why our Guess watches wholesale prices remain very competitive. Our goal is to allow our clients to successfully compete in the luxury watch market.

About the brand

Guess logo

Guess is a fashion brand based in the USA. They are specializing in men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, perfumes and fashion accessories such as jewellery and watches. Their products are offered in more than 80 countries.

Guess was one of the first companies to introduce designer jeans to the market. In the 1980s they were one of the most popular brands for denim jeans.

When Guess began production of watches, once again they managed to grow their popularity substantially.

History of Guess watches

1984 was the year when Guess began its journey in designer watches market. Guess fast became a popular name among those who show interest in the latest trend in the fashion world.

Callanen International, Inc., was the company responsible for the launch of Guess watches. It has been manufacturing and selling Guess watches under an exclusive license agreement. This made Guess brand the largest licensed watch brand in the world. It had a strong reputation in the designer watch market for its design, quality, and marketing.

In 2005 Guess and Fossil were planning to sign a 10-year agreement that would turn over manufacturing rights of Guess watches to Fossil Group, Inc. However, the deal didn’t go through. Callanen continues the production and distribution of Guess watches. Later they signed a 10-year global license agreement.

In November 2006, The Timex Group has reorganized its Callanen International division and added a new company called Sequel AG.

Sequel AG took over from Callanen the distribution and marketing of Guess and Guess Collection (Gc) watches. It also handles the international licenses for Guess and Guess Collection jewellery. Up to the present, Sequel is still responsible for the production of Guess watches.

Guess watches build quality

Our wholesale Guess watches catalogue offers many quality timepieces that have been produced to the highest quality standards.

As Guess is a fashion brand, you should not expect anything special regarding features and gadgets of their watches.

Guess watches use reliable quartz movements that are made in Japan. Watch face is protected by a hard mineral crystal. Built quality is really good and parts are carefully sealed ensuring proper water resistance.

You can find these timepieces with leather, stainless-steel, or rubber straps.

One of the main aspects that can hold brands reputation is good quality. Guess watches have a good quality standard, even when their main concern is a success in the fashion watch segment. However, if your main focus is functions, mechanics and unique craftsmanship, obviously Guess watches are not for you.


Guess watches comes in different designs and eye-catching styles. Dial colours may warry from white, blue, gold, black, beige and other. You can easily find strap colours to fit your outfit. There are even models that have two colour dials where one colour transits to another.

No matter if you are looking for humble-looking watch model or outstanding, trendy model, Guess has a rich selection of watches to choose from. You can wear these timepieces with formal and less formal outfits, nevertheless, you will get many compliments.

Some watch models feature crystals on band/bracelet or bezel, making them look more luxurious and stand out.

These models feature Roman and Arabic numeral dials.

Guess watches are very stylish fashion timepieces. Everyone can find a suitable watch model for everyday use and special occasions. Nevertheless, Guess brand is bringing great quality and beautiful design that is consistent with its image.

Check out our Guess watches wholesale catalogue and you will see watch models that offer numerous styles and appealing colours. There are watch models that will definitely find a place in your stock.

Purchasing Wholesale Guess Watches from TicDistribution.com

Guess is always working hard to bring you a huge range of fashion clothes and accessories. Their goal is to stay at the top of the fashion world.

If you are searching fabulous watches for men and women, then look no further – our Guess watches wholesale stock has it all. We store a large selection of the best designs you can find.

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