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Wholesale Michael Kors Watches B2BTicDistribution.com is a platform for one of the leading distribution companies in the brand watch industry. We offer many popular brand watches at competitive wholesale prices. If you are looking for a Michael Kors watches wholesale distributor, then TicDistribution.com is a platform for you.

If you pay any attention to the fashion market, you will likely be aware that Michael Kors products tend to be rather pricey. We all know that designer watches, in general, have become very fashionable, not necessarily as watches but as statement-making accessories. MK is a perfect symbol for consumers who need to flaunt their eye-catching brand watch.

MK recognition in the market is undeniable, so you have peace of mind when making a Michael Kors watches wholesale order.

Watches are safely stored in our warehouse located in Hong Kong. We do have an office in Europe. Transportation of goods is mostly done with popular couriers, but we can find more suitable shipping options by looking at each matter individually.

All our offered watches are fully intact with an original presentation box, authenticity tags, instructions, and warranty booklets. We supply authentic Michael Kors watches. Feel free to make a sample order and bring items to the official brand representative for expertise.

As you know, the relationship between wholesaler and retailer is very important as their success is mutually connected. Therefore, we offer progressive discounts.

To be able to offer Michael Kors watches for best wholesale prices, our B2B discount strategy is based on order value. Larger order value will grant extra discounts.

Michael Kors watches wholesale discounts:

  • Orders for EUR 1 800+ grants an extra 20% discount
  • Orders for EUR 3 700+ grants an extra 25% discount
  • Orders for EUR 7 500+ grants an extra 30% discount
  • Orders for EUR 16 000+: Contact Us

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TicDistribution.com wholesale prices remain very competitive so our clients can compete with other retailers that offer these fashion brand watches.

Unlike a few brands that only allow sales through a handful of jewellers, you can find these watches at a variety of sellers, both online and most upscale department stores, as well.

From clothing to watches

Like many fashion designers, Michael Kors has expanded his product lines over the years. While initially offering only clothing for women, the company now offers fashion accessories for both sexes, that includes a surprisingly large variety of MK watches. These timepieces range from chronograph-style models, such as the Wyatt, to the classy and elegant Darci.

Design of Michael Kors watches

Michael Kors usually produce analogue watches, that generally offer an elevated look with its designs in the watchmaking. The creativity lies in the architecture of these timepieces that adorn the wrists of watch-lovers. Each model is successfully portraying individual crafting of the brand that sets a unique mark in the timekeeping world.

Watch face styles include both Arabic and Roman numerals.

Quality of MK watches

Wholesale Michael Kors WatchesPeople say that cheap MK watches have bad quality – this is not the case for us! This one of the main concerns for us.

Michael Kors timepieces are crafted to the same watchmaking standards as any other reputable brand watch:

Watch straps are made from genuine leather. Watch bracelets are made from stainless steel and combined with push-button deployant clasp.


Michael Kors watches are relatively simple regarding functions, displaying only the time, other models include chronograph, calendar, and subdials indicating 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours. Ladies Michael Kors watches can offer similar functions at a surprisingly attractive price point.

Purchasing Michael Kors wholesale watches from TicDistribution.com

Since timepieces are always considered to be personality tellers, MK watches were introduced to complement the individuality of fashion market consumers.

When choosing a place to buy wholesale Michael Kors watches, be sure to buy only from reputable wholesale distributors who will guarantee the authenticity of the product. Beware of sellers who will not accept bank transfer as a payment option. Others sell cheap MK watches with bad quality. You should only buy from an official company with a registration number. There are distributors who will not allow you to file a claim if you discover that your purchase was fraudulent.

Here at TicDistribution.com, you will find brands that have conquered the fashion world. We have a wide range of brands and products we have the best wholesale deals. This is why we can offer Michael Kors watches for the best wholesale prices.

MK watches present the demand for modern tendencies in the field of the trend. Michael Kors watches are well recognized – this factor is beneficial for us and our clients. With decent marketing sales are guaranteed.

Feel free to browse through our Michael Kors wholesale watches catalogue and select watches that will fill your stock. You will see that we offer many more brands and even more watches. Our B2B discounts will help your business to grow.

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