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If you are looking for Tommy Hilfiger wholesale watches distributor then, platform is your best choice. Here you will find many popular brand watches with high demand in the designer watches market. We provide the best wholesale prices for B2B cooperation.

Tommy Hilfiger is a popular American fashion brand that has gained impressive recognition in the fashion market. It is well recognized for its fashion products like clothing, fragrances, jewellery, and watches.

The brand was established in 1985, it has grown to be very popular around the globe. Tommy Hilfiger Corporation was founded by fashion designer – Tommy Hilfiger. Till this day he is the brands head fashion designer.

In 2001, the brand licensed Movado Group to design and manufacture Tommy Hilfiger watches.

Tommy Hilfiger Wholesale Watches B2B Discounts

These timepieces can be purchased for good prices and many people will recognize this brand. This factor is very important for retailers, as this means that less marketing budget will be necessary to generate sales. 

Our Tommy Hilfiger wholesale watches stock has a good quality, a wide range in styles and brand name that is well-known around the world.

Tommy Hilfiger wholesale watches B2B discounts:

Orders for EUR 990+ grants an extra 20% discount

Orders for EUR 3 700+ grants an extra 25% discount

Orders for EUR 7 500+ grants an extra 30% discount

Orders for EUR 15 000+ grants an extra 35% discount

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All our offered watches are fully intact with an original presentation box, authenticity tags, instructions, and warranty booklets. All watches are authentic. Feel free to make a sample order and bring items to the official brand representative for expertise.

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Tommy Hilfiger brand watches description

Tommy Hilfiger watches are a great day to day fashion accessories that tells you the time. These timepieces are casual, yet sophisticated and you can wear them on many occasions.

Tommy Hilfiger logo usually is placed on the watch face below 12 o’clock, as with most brand watches.

Wholesale Tommy Hilfiger Watches

To add a more expensive look, these watches have several tone stainless steel cases. This effect is achieved without precious metals presence, nevertheless, these watches bring a sophisticated look and will be noticed in public. Gold-tone watches pairs beautifully with other golden accessories, such as bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. Same with silver and rose gold-tone watches.

Some watch models use a mesh bracelet, as this style gives a modern look. Such a design is really classy and can be worn with many outfits. Most of these watches are best suited for formal and casual apparel.

Tommy Hilfiger also offers sporty design watches that can be worn for a wider spectrum of activities. In this case, watch band is made from silicone so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged from sweats. However, we do not recommend exposing these watches to water for long periods of time.

These brand timepieces are designed with care and attention to detail. Functionality is modest, but a lot of people choose this brand to make a statement about themselves.

Our wholesale stock of Tommy Hilfiger watches is filled with many different watch models that vary in colour, material, style, size, and functionality.

Tommy Hilfiger Watch Build Quality


When you search for Tommy Hilfiger wholesale watches source, you must focus on the quality. If the quality is disappointing, then your customers will also be unhappy, therefore your business can get in an awkward position.

These watches are manufactured with proven watchmaking practices, making sure to provide high-quality products.

These watches are powered by electric quartz movements which are very accurate and have been used in the watch industry for many years. There are watch models that are powered by mechanical movements (automatic), but you will find such watches much less frequently. To read more about watch movement differences, click here.

Watch bracelets are made from stainless steel links. Leather watch straps are made from calfskin and some have a crocodile embossed design. Watch cases are made from stainless steel that is very durable and resistant to corrosion. Watch face is covered by mineral crystal glass. Watch components are assembled and sealed very well, ensuring adequate water-resistance. These high-quality materials assure reliability.

Water-resistance varies from 30 to 50 meters (3-5 ATM/bars). However, this does not mean that you can wear these timepieces while swimming – these fashion accessories can withstand only a small amount of water.

Note that leather strap can be damaged by water or sweats. Besides that, it is very comfortable to wear and will go nicely with many outfits.

Tommy Hilfiger Watch Functions

Tommy Hilfiger watches first and foremost are fashion accessories, therefore functions are modest.

Common functions:

Many models have a date window above 6 o’clock or next to 3 o’clock. These watches usually come with Arabic numerals, however, there are also models with Roman numerals.

Tommy Hilfiger wholesale watches

Nevertheless, our Tommy Hilfiger wholesale watches catalogue represents a wide range in styles, innovations and functions. If you need watch models that offer more features, feel free to browse other brands that we offer.

Purchasing Tommy Hilfiger wholesale watches at

Tommy Hilfiger continues to set new trends in the fashion world, including developing new watch designs. Its logo is well recognized and has conquered the Americas and Europe’s fashion scene, therefore, you should not worry about the demand for these products. is a platform that is offering you a friendly way of purchasing original Tommy Hilfiger wholesale watches at B2B prices. If your business is to sell fashion watches, then this platform will give you access to many popular brands.

To view our brand watch wholesale stock models, please Create an Account and visit our Shop page. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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