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TicDistribution.com is Nr.1 platform for Burberry watches wholesale deals – always profitable thanks to our progressive discount model. It’s not always easy to find a reliable distributor for these designer brand watches, but our wholesale stock is filled with the latest watch models. Our clients always find these watches to be a good addition to their business. These timepieces can be very profitable if your wholesale order is done right.

Burberry watches range in price from moderate to fairly expensive, but not overly so, given their build quality and reputation. They offer nearly 100 models in both men’s and women’s designs, and prices in the retail market start at about EUR 200.

As you know, the relationship between wholesaler and client is very important as our success is mutually connected. Therefore, we offer progressive extra discounts from the original wholesale prices.

When you make a Burberry watches wholesale order, we can offer you a substantial discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

Our B2B strategy; Burberry watches wholesale discounts:

  • Orders for EUR 1 800+ grants an extra 20% discount
  • Orders for EUR 3 700+ grants an extra 25% discount
  • Orders for EUR 7 500+ grants an extra 30% discount
  • Orders for EUR 16 000+: Contact Us
Wholesale Burberry Watches

All our offered watches are fully intact with an original presentation box, authenticity tags, instructions, and warranty booklets. All watches are authentic. Feel free to make a sample order and bring items to the experts.

Our main warehouse is located in Hong Kong, but we do have an office in Europe.

Burberry brand watches description

When you talk about a reputable and established luxury brand in the watch industry, you can never but mention Burberry. Since its establishment in the 19th century, this brand has been manufacturing quality products with stylish elegance and impeccable quality.

You’ll find that Burberry watches have quite a lot to offer, with very good build quality, nice design, and useful features. These timepieces are made with proven and established technology. Depending on the model, Burberry wristwatches are equipped with Swiss-made automatic mechanical (self-winding) and quartz electronic movements, and both stainless steel and high-quality ceramic cases. Water resistance is typically from 5 to 10 bars.

Burberry watches do not provide a lot of functions, but there are some that will help you in daily life:

These products are well-crafted, sturdy timepieces that are intended to be decent sellers for our clients.

You will find that these Burberry watches are sold at jewelry stores as well as high-end department stores. You’ll likely find Burberry watches anywhere you find the company’s fashion products offered for sale. The company also has many company-owned stores within the United States and Europe; these are mostly located in larger cities. Of course, Burberry watches are sold online, as well. This brand is being adored by millions of fans all over the world. A lot of people love this brand because even the simplest part of their timepieces is being taken care of.

A brief history of Burberry

Burberry is a British brand and was established in the year 1856 by a man named Thomas Burberry in the southeastern part of England.

Burberry brand watches has undergone a series of development and has incorporated new styles, technologies, and design. Despite this period of evolution, the two basic components of this timepiece – quality and consistency have not been compromised. The same trend of quality and consistency is extended to other sections of Burberry, which includes women’s wear, men’s wear, and other fashion accessories.

Different varieties of excellent watch designs

Our Burberry watches wholesale stock is filled with more than 240 watch models. Quality design and excellent craftsmanship are easily noticeable in the minute patented meshwork embedded in the white-colored women’s watch. More so, you can find stylish checker-patterned watches with seamlessly blends in a stainless steel coloured case. The smoothness of Burberry watches gives it that alluring appeal.

Coming down to Men’s watches, we have to talk about 2 major aspects. The first is comfort while the other is the practicality it comes in. Generally, men give many regards to efficient functionality and these watches can fulfil these requirements quite well, but keep in mind that this brand offers mainly classic style models.

The latest designs introduced lately reflect the modern trend and the introduction of multiple leather straps is one of such new traits that are distinctively noticeable. No wonder celebrities always flaunt their Burberry timepieces at events and outings.

The method adopted for the building and designing of a Burberry watch is of premium quality with a lot of significant attention paid to the least part. Furthermore, Burberry designs are simple, but the appearance depicts a timeless classic appeal. Meanwhile, these watches have steadily continued to gain massive attraction from the rank and file of the people.

As said earlier, Burberry has been in the market for quite a while and has remained relevant due to its excellent quality.

Specifically, the classic-styled Burberry watch can match successfully with the individuality of fashion trends of each customer. Check through our Burberry watches wholesale catalogue and you will definitely discover that there are many watches available for different outfits and occasions.

Purchasing wholesale Burberry watches at TicDistribution.com

TicDistribution.com platform offers you a simplified and friendly way to purchase original Burberry watches in wholesale quantities. All of our distributed watches are sold at competitive wholesale prices. Just use our online platform and find discount codes at the cart page. Ensure that you get the best value for your money.

To review our current Burberry watches wholesale stock models, please Create an Account and visit our Shop page. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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