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If you are a designer watch seller looking for a Diesel watches wholesale source, then you should consider TicDistribution.com. In comparison to other brands that we offer, Diesel watches are in the medium price category. In the retail market, most of the watch models fall into the 100 to 300 EUR range for both men’s and women’s watch models.

When you buy Diesel watches online in wholesale quantities, we can offer you a substantial discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

As you know, the relationship between a wholesaler and his client is very important as our success is mutually connected. Therefore, we offer progressive wholesale discounts.

Our B2B strategy; Diesel watches wholesale discount model:

  • Orders for EUR 1 800+ grants an extra 20% discount
  • Orders for EUR 3 700+ grants an extra 25% discount
  • Orders for EUR 7 500+ grants an extra 30% discount
  • Orders for EUR 16 000+: Contact Us

All our offered watches are fully intact with an original presentation box, authenticity tags, instructions, and warranty booklets. All watches are authentic. Feel free to make a sample order and bring items to the official brand representative for expertise.

Diesel watches wholesale

TicDistribution.com wholesale prices remain very competitive so our clients can compete with other sellers that offer these fashion watches. These timepieces have a couple of functions and a bold style that is especially popular in a men’s watches segment. When you make a Diesel watches wholesale order, your budget has to be slightly larger than say, for Daniel Wellington brand watches, if you are planning to get the same revenue.

These timepieces have a couple of functions and a bold style that is especially popular in a men’s watches segment. When you make a Diesel watches wholesale order, your budget has to be slightly larger than say, for Daniel Wellington brand watches, if you are planning to get the same revenue.

Diesel brand watches description

Diesel is a company that primarily is a maker of clothing, but they also offer a variety of accessories, including wristwatches. Like many Italian based companies, Diesel prides themselves on design, and their timepieces reflect that. Their trendsetting designs are now among the world’s most popular timepieces, as they offer striking looks and affordable pricing.

Diesel watches are made with stainless steel cases on most of their models and reliable quartz movements.

Various of their sports models offer water-resistance to 10 bars, making them useful for outdoor activities, though you should check specific models for their water-resistance capabilities because it does vary by model.

Bands are made of leather, stainless steel, and plastic, depending on the model. Displays are analog on most of their models, however, a few offer digital displays and a couple offer unusual dial displays.

You will find Diesel watches for sale at a variety of vendors, including fine jewelers and many upscale department stores. You can easily find these watches online on platforms like eBay or Amazon as well as private online stores. You may have to shop around a bit if you’re looking for one of their limited-edition models, as the distribution of those may vary, depending on where you live. For older or out-of-production models, you may have to buy online exclusively. As one of the best known diesel wholesale suppliers you’ll find variety of watch models as our Diesel wholesale watch stock is filled with more than 70 watch models.

Diesel Watches: The History of a Great Watch

The history of each fashion watch is also important because a good story is a good selling point. All our offered wholesale watches have a story behind their brands.

Diesel watches are popularly known for being desirable jewelry items. If you’d like to get one for yourself, you will definitely not be disappointed in this brand watch.

Company Origins

The story of Diesel dates back to 1978 when the company was founded by Renzo Rosso in Italy. The company started with clothing before moving to watch designs years after.

Diesel first existed as a small unknown brand on a global scale. Seeing it now as one of the largest fashion brands in the world is quite unbelievable to most people. Diesel has become one of the most formidable and respected fashion brands in the world over the past few decades. It began to gain international recognition in the early 1990s.

Focus on Youthful Image

Ever since its onset, Diesel has focused its products on the youth and young ones’ generation. This is evident in the Diesel watches as they are made to suit the current trend and modern lifestyle. One of the notable figures that prompted the success of this campaign is Wilbert Das who became part of the company in 1988. He was in charge of all the creative decisions, including the collection of licenses for jewelry and watch accessories.

Continuing to Innovate

The new stylish products from Diesel are an indication that the company has continued to improve its innovation. Diesel watch has become popular in the world today due to their quality and style. After proving itself to be a genuine brand over the last 2 decades, one would expect that the company will continue to produce more exciting models in years to come. We carefully track these events so our clients can be sure that our Diesel watches wholesale stock is up to date.

Improve your style even more with Diesel watches

Diesel luxury watches give you the branded look you desire. It provides you with new trends in fashion and you cannot go wrong with this. It is available in both retro and futuristic designs. More so, these watches are truly world-class with their edgy urban styling. There really are no real competitors that offer the same design watches. There are a lot of reasons why your search for wholesale Diesel watches could be finished here at TicDistribution.com.

Order wholesale Diesel watches at TicDistribution.com

Check our Diesel watches wholesale catalog to select from the varieties of impeccable watches available. We grant progressive discounts to give a chance for successful competition in the designer watches market. You can find discount codes on the checkout page, be sure to use them. We hope to become your business partner and grow our trust in each transaction.

To review our current Diesel watches wholesale stock models, please Create an Account and visit our Shop page. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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